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Joni Maxwell
Senior Vice President

Joni Maxwell, SVP – Joni Maxwell is senior vice president of loan restructure and assumption services at Hart Advisors Group. Ms. Maxwell manages all aspects of loan processing to special servicers, including but not limited to working with master servicers to obtain approval of transfers and guiding the work-out process. Ms. Maxwell also manages all assumption and maturity extension transactions.

With more than 26 years of experience in the commercial real estate and business administration fields, Ms. Maxwell brings a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience in CMBS master servicing to Hart Advisors Group. She is proficient in reviewing loan documents and helping clients to identify potential "pain points" that might lead to adverse effects.

In addition, Ms. Maxwell has extensive communications experience with external and internal clients, master servicers, special servicers, legal counsel and rating agencies. While working for various master servicers, Ms. Maxwell was required to obtain more than 40 hours of training per year, including but not limited to education on Pooling and Servicing Agreements, all related commercial loan documentation, CMSA regulations for Investor Reporting, and other CMBS related topics. Because of Ms. Maxwell’s extensive training and expertise, she manages all aspects of loan restructures, maturity extensions and assumption work for Hart to ensure all documentation is handled appropriately from start to finish. Ms. Maxwell also serves as the go-to advisor for all transaction-oriented matters.

Prior to Hart, Ms. Maxwell worked for a national loan restructuring company, where she served on the marketing and public relations team and acted as a portfolio manager, facilitating loan restructures and assumptions. Assumption processes overseen by Ms. Maxwell included gathering all required information from sellers and/or purchasers, preparing a complete assumption package, including a detailed executive summary of the transaction, and submitting the request to the appropriate servicers.

Ms. Maxwell has also served as asset manager for Prudential Asset Resources, Inc., where she managed a performing commercial loan portfolio consisting of more than 250 loans and 350 properties, reviewed loan documents and underwrote complex borrower requests including assumptions, lease approvals, change of management firms, condemnations and insurance losses.

Prior to Prudential, Ms. Maxwell worked at ORIX Capital Markets as account representative, compliance officer and loan closing specialist/foreclosure coordinator. In these various roles, Ms. Maxwell’s responsibilities ranged from managing a performing commercial loan portfolio consisting of more than 400 CMBS and FNMA loans totaling approximately $4.1 billion, to testing policies and procedures against company metrics and working with rating agencies during company audits. While at ORIX, Ms. Maxwell was also responsible for managing the closing process for a $30 million portfolio of non-performing loans. Ms. Maxwell has her Mortgage Bankers Association Commercial Level 1 Certification of Servicing.



Phone: 972-239-8088