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The Process

7-Step Restructuring Operation
Prior to Engagement


Our sales approach is unique. We want to make sure each client is provided with ample opportunity to understand if a workout is right for them. Our sales and underwriting staff will provide a high-level review of your loan and answer any questions you may have prior to our engagement. We want to make sure that we understand your needs, set expectations for the loan workout process and provide you with the best opportunity for success. Our process is unmatched in the industry.

(Master Servicing)
Hart Advisors Group will provide a detailed review of all loan documents, financials, leasing and property information/issues prior to transfer into special servicing.
Hart checks for opportunities to speed-up or slow-down the transfer process, depending on what is best for the Borrower (i.e. reserves for the property or specific leasing situations might need to be addressed prior to transfer).
If subordinate debt exists, we review the facts and key drivers to develop a consolidated strategy.
(Special Servicing)
Hart Advisors Group provides a proven, systematic approach to timely and effective communication with Special Servicers. Getting to your resolution as quickly as possible is our goal.
Hart’s detailed proprietary valuation model provides servicers with multiple levels of valuation alternatives in order to support each recommended approach.
Our relationships with Special Servicing asset managers is built on transparency, trust and sound execution.

While we don’t recommend approaching the CMBS restructuring process on your own, there’s a checklist of items you need to consider when embarking on this time-consuming task.

Complete Checklist of Restructuring Loans on Your Own